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Wild Apple Kombucha ejere / kombucha bryggeri

Our "Wild" Story

We are a married couple who live with our two lovely daughters out in the countryside, a few kilometers from the west coast of Jutland. For many years we have been brewing apple cider using wild yeast and our own wild apples that grow on our family farm. One day Camilla came home and shared a mysterious slightly sour soft drink called Kombucha. We loved it so much we soon became obsessed with drinking and brewing our own.  In 2021, we decided to take our brewing to the next level and completed an international education in commercial kombuchabrewing. Since then, we have built our own microbrewery and developed our kombucha brewing skills. We are proud to offer our customers an elegant, organic kombucha of the highest quality, filled with good microorganisms and lots of flavor.

We aim to please our customers 

Since 2019, we have worked non-stop to optimize the quality and processes at our small brewery. We are proud of what we have achieved and will always strive to deliver the best to our customers.

Karsten Søndergaard Larsen 

Owner and Brewmaster

Camilla Kiil Larsen 

General Manager and Head of QA

We're listening
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